Thanksgiving 1945 — Waldorf Astoria

I came across a family picture that was taken in November 1945. The family was so happy that everyone came home from WW II safely, and everyone was home for the first time in 5 years. We all went to the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York for Thanksgiving dinner. I think the cost in 1945 was $20 per person. Today, it would probably be $150 per person. Clockwise, the people are: June Olson, Frank Novotny, Martha Finstrom Novotny, Harry Olson, Willy Olson (Harry's bror) Anna Finstrom Olson, Barbara Finstrom (George's dotter), Hilda Finstrom (George's fru) George Finstrom, Frank Finstrom, Hanna Finstrom [farfars syster], Karl Finstrom, Diana Finstrom (Karl's dotter) Ebba Finstrom Muller (min Mor), Raymond Olson (Harry's bror), Margaret Finstrom Leddy (Susan's mor), Michael Leddy, George Finstrom Jr. I am on the right side with min bror, Brian. The ones missing are Robert Olson, Susan and Patricia Leddy. De var inte födda.

Thanksgiving 1945 - Waldorf Astoria.

Bruce C. Muller, juni 2003.

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