I samband med att jag lade in en rälsbussbild läste jag resten på sidan och stötte på Matapall. Tänkte det kunde vara kul att se i vilka sammanhang ordet finns på nätet.

Första träffen blev:

Klickade vidare och fann:

Eftersom Michigan är gammal emigrationsbygd, tänkte jag att det kunde dölja sig en Nykarlebyättling bakom namnet. Kontaktade min småkusin Bruce Muller i Michigan och bad honom vid tillfälle försöka kontakta Mr Aaron Matapall så att jag skulle få klarhet i saken. Och det gjorde han:


The map of Matapall looks interesting. It appears to have a race track of some type.

[Kartan jag skickade till Bruce är här kompletterad med understrykning av Matapallmossen och Matapallberget.]

Now that our Granddaughter Danielle has graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, we rarely go through Detroit or the adjacent towns. If we travel East, we go through Port Huron and through Canada to Niagara Falls. The road is much better, the bridge to Canada is much quicker, and there is less traffic through Sarnia, Ontario than Windsor, Ontario.

Aaron Matapall has a telephone number listed in Lincoln Park, MI. I called the number and a woman answered who said she knew nothing about Aaron Matapall. Not surprising since telephone numbers are reassigned quickly by carriers with minimal referral of calls.

I also looked up the address of the telephone number which was also listed to an address in Dearborn, MI. Some Arabic name. The telephone directory “” also showed other people associated with Aaron Matapall, but with the name Matatall.

I went into the Registry of Deeds for Lincoln Park to see who is the owner of the 1678 Fort St. It showed “Print fection”. I looked for a telephone number for this company and found a “Print Section” at 1678 Fort St. I called the number and found that it had been disconnected with no referral of calls.

I went to the Bing search engine as I am not at all familiar with Lincoln Park. It is south of Interstate 94 which is the main east – west highway between Detroit and Chicago. It is very close to I-75 which is the main highway between Naples, Florida and Sault Saint Marie, Michigan which is the Canadian border. It is also close to the Detroit River. Probably many of the residents worked at the Ford River Rouge plant when it was operating. Fort St was likely the main north – south road through Michigan before the interstate highway system was built.

I then went to Google earth to see if I could see a street view of the address. It showed a vacant print shop with a for sale sign in the window. Google also showed a Century 21 real estate for sale listing of the building for $125,000. According to the listing, the building has 4 efficiency apartments (flats) on the 2nd floor. An efficiency apartment has one room, kitchen, and bathroom. There is no separate bedroom. Fort St looks like typical 1950’s America. 

There appeared to be African – Americans entering the door to the second floor at the Google street view. Lincoln Park looked clean and well maintained considering that eastern Michigan has been hit very hard with job losses.

Will let you know if I find further information.




Summan av kardemumman tycks vara att jag var inne på ett villospår när jag förmodade att Aaron Matapall var en Nykarlebyättling.

Bruce Muller
(Inf. 2012-06-24, 2012-06-24 )